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The essentials at a glance


The separation between a company and an employee frequently involves the risk of conflicting and lengthy disagreements. We support both sides through a qualified Outplacement consultation throughout the entire termination process.

Single Outplacement

Our consulting services are aimed at companies and managers who want to reach a termination of employment in the fairest possible way. The advantage of the company is, among other things, the prevention of incalculable job severance costs, as well as a high freedom of scope for organizational and staff changes. Externally, the company maintains a positive image. The management receives important guidance through intensive coaching measures in searching for and selecting a new occupational challenge.

Group Outplacement

Companies hire us to successfully implement larger staff cutbacks. The departing employees are assisted in finding new jobs. Our range of services includes seminars, individual counseling, and candidate centers. Its success speaks for itself: It has been proven that we have assisted over 90 percent of all employees in finding a new employment relationship within one year.