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The essentials at a glance

Professional & Executive Search

In selecting professionals and managers, our consultants are specialists in dealing with the professional tools of personnel selection. We offer our customers the following services:

Direct Approach

The Direct Approach of suitable candidates is the most successful, and at the same time, the most demanding form of modern personnel acquisition. Here, one finds employment which is based on individual and highly specialized requirements for a vacant position, taking into consideration the category of people is considerately limited in the number of eligible candidates.

Advertisement Based Personnel Acquisition

The advertisement is a long-known and proven way for a company to find new employees. Its use is especially successful because a large number of potential candidates can be reached. With our projects, advertising has established itself as a successful means of complementing the personal Direct Approach.


An excellent supplement to the Executive Search is staff recruitment on the Internet. Here, uncountable specialists and management staff offer their manpower to new employers daily. The knowledge offered there is unique. Prompt contact with these candidates is necessary in the Internet search for staff recruitment since the experienced and well-trained experts and specialists receive job offers very quickly — thus, they do not remain on the job market for a very long time. Our specially trained Internet scouts find suitable candidates with their systematic search methods, and thereby, have access to the largest job market sites.